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Sugar Land's Professional Carpet Stain Removal Company

Stains come in a variety of forms: Kool-aid, coffee, blood, soda, wine, food, etc. Most stains will come out or fade significantly if treated properly, which is why it's important to seek the help of professionals.

Unsightly stains can be difficult to remove, but never fear; SteamPlus Carpet Cleaning is here! Our tools and experience enable us to remove even the most difficult spills and stains for homes and businesses.

If you get a stain, be sure to contact us so we can discuss your carpet cleaning needs. Please do not try to treat the stain yourself. This will only make it worse and harder for a professional to treat. Let SteamPlus do the work so you don't have to!

Stains We Remove

Red Wine Stains

An accidental wine spill on the carpet doesn't have to be cause for alarm. SteamPlus can remove those stubborn wine stains for you!

Coffee Stains

Spill your coffee on the carpet while you were still waking up in the morning? No need to worry; SteamPlus can remove coffee stains with ease.

Grease, Oil, & Tar Stains

If you've been working in the garage, you may have accidentally gotten some grease, oil, and/or tar stains on your carpet. Not a problem for SteamPlus. We have the people and equipment to make your carpet like new again.

Blood Stains

Accidents happen. A cut, nosebleed, or a mishap while playing outside could leave blood stains on your carpet. These can be difficult to wash out, but it's nothing SteamPlus can't handle.

Why We Are The Best In Sugar Land

We understand that you have options when choosing a carpet cleaning company in Sugar Land. We go to great lengths to be your best option.


Our team is made up of skilled cleaning professionals dedicated to doing thorough and excellent work. They know the best techniques for meeting your carpet cleaning needs. 


SteamPlus uses truck-mounted steam cleaning systems, which is the method that carpet manufacturers favor. You can trust that we have the right tools for the job.


Our carpet cleaning process is thorough and powerful, designed to remove the toughest stains, stubborn dirt, and lingering odor. 

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