Sugar Land Grout Color Restoration

Even the most beautiful of tiles can seem filthy if surrounded by stained or dirty grout lines. We understand that maintaining your floors looking fresh can be a challenge. Grout Color Sealing keeps your floors looking good as day one for a longer period of time.

Sugar Land's Professional Grout Color Restoration Service

Here at SteamPlus our priority is your satisfaction and from experience we understand that the maintenance of your floors can be challenging and a pricey learning experience. Even after investing on the cleaning of your tile & grout, the desired look may not be achieved because of permanent damage. With a color seal, we can guarantee a uniform color that will give your floors new life. At the same time, it will help you avoid the problems you may have previously encountered.

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Conditional Lifetime Warranty 

SteamPlus offers an initial 18 months warranty as long as you follow our cleaning instructions that will be provided to you by our technicians. You may extend this warranty by allowing us at SteamPlus to perform a maintenance cleaning every 18 months. For further questions please ask our technicians on your initial consultation.  

Benefits of Grout Color Restoration

Grout becomes stain & water resistant

By applying color seal your grout is no loner a porous surface. This makes your grout no longer absorbent thus making spills a breeze to clean.

Uniform color

Even after a deep cleaning of your grout, embedded stains from years of traffic or improper curing from installation will still appear and stick out like a sore thumb. Color seal resolves that by allowing your grout to have a uniform color for a like-new appearance.

Custom colors available

If you don't like the original color of your grout, color sealing allows us to change it to the color of your dreams without removing your current grout, saving you time and money!

Easier to maintain

With the application of color seal, our technicians provide you with a step by step demonstration of how to properly clean your floors and keep your conditional lifetime warranty.

Color Matching

If you would like to take advantage of these benefits, but don't want to change your current grout color, we can color match too!

Why We Are The Best In Sugar Land

We understand that you have options when choosing the tile cleaning company. We go to great lengths to be your best option.


Our team is made up of skilled cleaning professionals dedicated to doing thorough and excellent work. They know the best techniques for meeting your tile & grout cleaning needs. 


SteamPlus uses truck-mounted steam cleaning systems, which is the method that manufacturers favor. You can trust that we have the right tools for the job.


Our tile cleaning process is thorough and powerful, designed to remove the toughest stains, stubborn dirt, and lingering odors. 

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